2018 Superfly Grenache Mataro

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First made in 2017 from the East facing Grenache and Mataro sections of the Lockett vineyard. The wine is a mix of 80% Grenache and 20% Mataro (works out this way due to the crop levels of the vineyard). Due to seasonal variations we employ different levels of whole bunches during fermentation. 2017 had 20% as the Mataro stalks were ripe while the Grenache stalks weren’t quite there, 2018 has 70% whole bunches as both the Grenache and Mataro stalks were the desired level of ripeness. We like the structure and spice added to the wine from the whole bunches as it balances the fruit sweetness and tannin profile of the fruit.

“This is a wine for making love with the lights on” – It’s all about throwing caution to the wind and enjoying the moment.