2018 Superfly Rose

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First made in 2017 from Grenache off the east facing section of Grenache from the Lockett vineyard. Our focus with Rosé is the dry side of life with texture to boot. Depending on the season we will adjust time on skins before pressing to obtain the desired colour. We adjust the amount of lees utilised in this wine from year to year. The 2017 had only the ‘lighter fluffy’ lees while the 2018 had full solids. Post ferment the wine rests on ferment lees for 3-4 months prior to getting finned and filtered ready for bottling, the extended lees contact builds texture and structure. This is the only wine that we fine (heat & cold stabilise) and filter.


“This is the pink you want to drink” – This is a wine that even non Rosé drinkers will enjoy.