2018 Superfly Shiraz

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We first made this wine in 2016 wanting to show people you can have Shiraz from the Barossa with a lighter body and more funky take on life.

A big part of this wine is to show people the versatility of the Barossa Shiraz. You can go one way and make the big bold intense face punching wines or you can go the lighter side of life like we have and produce a more daily drinker and friendly style of wine (not all wines need to be bigger than Ben-Hur).

The fruit for this wine is always a part of this blocks first pick so we capture the more vibrant red fruits and softer tannins. The fruit is destemmed and whole berries kept. Ferment temps are kept cool and it gets 1 to 2 punch downs/pumpovers a day depending on where it was at. The ferment was drained and pressed around 1 Baume via a basket press, we only use basket presses due to the gentle nature that minimises grape seed cracking (grape seeds crack and bitter compounds can come and ruin the party) and to prevent over extraction. We then wait till the wine is sugar dry in tank before racking it off gross lees (think Grimace – purple bloke from Macca’s after being put in a blender) then split 50/50 between tank storage and old French oak for 3-4 months (no shaved barrels are used on this wine).


“This is a wine that will make you want to strut (you know you want to)” - Who doesn’t love getting their strut on? You know I know we all love to strut, especially after some wine