2017 Grenache

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Sourced from 40+ year old vines located in the subregion of Lights Pass (Home Block) on the Barossa Valley floor. This block was chosen for its old vines growing in deep sand over clay. This combination delivers lighter softer fruit with delicate spice and red fruits in abundance.

First made in 2013 we have encompassed many variations of stalks and whole bunches during fermentation to add depth and structure to suit the seasonal variations of the growing season.

The 2017 Grenache was aged in two old French Barriques (225L barrels) that were shaved. Shaving the inside of the barrel is when the cooper shaves the first few millimetres off the inside of the barrel to expose the ‘raw’ oak again to allow it to impart more oak characteristics. Shaved oak is less full on when compared to new oak. With the styles of wine we produce new oak would be too over powering and unbalance the wine. This wine was matured in oak for around 15 months. The barrels were topped once every 2 months, this topping program gives us the best of both worlds during barrel maturation in that we can develop the secondary notes and characteristic but also keep the freshness and elegance of the wine.