2016 Mataro

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Sourced from the Mataro vineyard in the Koonunga sub region. We have never added any stalks or whole bunches to our Mataro as this fruit takes so long to ripen that the stalks have yet to reach the level of ripeness that we are looking for. Mataro is the one wine we work hard to during fermentation. We push for higher temperatures and longer pump overs and or several punch downs a day (4-6) as extraction is key with this wine.

2016 was a great year for Mataro, the long and even growing season allowed for the fruit to reach full physiological ripeness. With warm ferment temps and longer pumpovers we were able to pull out the rich tannin profile along with the both the vibrant darker fruits ad meaty savoury notes Mataro is so well known for. We aged this wine in older French oak to allow the primary fruits and secondary savoury aspects to fully integrate.