2018 Superfly Grenache Mataro

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80/20 Grenache Mataro, 70% whole bunch 

This is possibly one of the raddest vineyards in the southern (Rowland Flat) part of the Barossa. Its broken up into 3 sections. We get fruit from two. They are both east facing and sitting on more red dirt but this time around it’s a clay top not sand. The Mataro is a tiny patch the at most has given us just over 600kg, another fun fact is the cutting were taken from the oldest Mataro vineyard in the Barossa (may be used in a single vineyard wine that is an old garden wine….). There are two clones of Grenache on the property and the section we get is an old school Barossa clone. The vines are old school bush vines and like many vineyards before them they had gone through a rough. Luckily we have been able to help turn its life around. For the last 4 years we’ve pruned the block and helped get it back on track. It’s an organically farmed block so good times for all.