The Vinsomniac: Stuart Robinson

Rock of Wisdom Grenache 2021

Old Vine Grenache, from Peter and Sofi Hiscock.
There's a complexity here that combines a youthful aura married to the depth of flavour that old Vine material brings. 

The fruit - raspberry, even a suggestion of blue - sings and works in tandem with that depth of flavour and pull of tannin. There's a throw of acidity that somehow belies its 14.5%

Give it some time and air, for it then further reveals itself with something like chicory root character  bound up with burnt orange peel. It's a fascinating exercise in old Vine Grenache with a youthful vogue, interest factor is high. 92

Tasted on: Friday 4th March

Rock of Wisdom Shiraz 2021

Possibly the most straightforward - think regionality and varietal - of the three releases, this does not detract from its quality.

Plum, Mulberry - the palate sees more of the fruit than the nose might suggest. 

It's medium, maybe just veering to full. It has the 'just there' touch of the winemaker's - allowing the fruit to shine over artifice - moderate texture flow and spread with a suggestion of structure to lift things. 91

Tasted on: Monday 7th March